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Why We Exist

We believe in a more abundant future for Oregon. We believe a deeper understanding of Oregon’s contributions to American cultural and intellectual life will help create that future.

Anne Richardson writes about Oregon film history.

Dennis Nyback is a film archivist.

We founded Oregon Cartoon Institute  to investigate one simple question: why does Oregon produce so many outstanding artists in the fields of animation and cartooning?

Q: Who are these artists?

A: Homer Davenport, Pinto Colvig, Carl Barks, Mel Blanc, Basil Wolverton, Marc Davis, Ralph Wright, George Bruns, Harry Smith, Matt Groening, Brad Bird, Bill Plympton, Will Vinton, Joan Gratz, Jim Blashfield, Rose Bond, Joanna Priestley, David Chelsea, Joe Sacco, Matt Bors, Shannon Wheeler, John Callahan,  Jan Eliot, among many, many others.

Thus far, we have organized projects to investigate and celebrate Mel Blanc, Carl Barks, Basil Wolverton,  Lew Cook, and Harry Smith. We support Gus Frederick’s project to investigate and celebrate Homer Davenport. As you can see, there is much left for us to do.

” O snail: Climb Mount Fuji, But slowly, slowly!”

“Slowly, slowly” could be Oregon Cartoon Institute’s motto.

Another contender, which we learned from Oregon Cartoon Institute fan club member Crosby Kemper III, comes from the three categories  Thomas Jefferson used to organize his vast library. Crosby tells us Jefferson separated his books into three sections: memory, reason, imagination.

Now I believe “Memory, reason, imagination!” would be an excellent Oregon Cartoon Institute motto as well.