The Original Mission Statement: 

We believe in a more abundant future for Oregon. We believe a deeper understanding of Oregon’s contributions to American cultural and intellectual life will contribute to the creation of that future. In the fields of animation and cartooning, Oregon’s current artists include Matt Groening, Brad Bird, Bill Plympton, Will Vinton, Joan Gratz, Jim Blashfield, Rose Bond, Chel White, Joanna Priestley, David Chelsea, Joe Sacco, Matt Bors, Shannon Wheeler. Our historic figures include Homer Davenport, Pinto Colvig, Carl Barks, Mel Blanc, Ralph Wright, Basil Wolverton, Marc Davis, George Bruns and Harry Smith. There is no other state in the union with a track record even close to ours. 

Our goal is to make Oregon’s cultural legacy of innovation, leadership and excellence more available to all.

– Anne Richardson –