2009: Bill Plympton Day

In 2009, we created Bill Plympton Day at the Oregon Sesquicentennial Film Festival. Partner: Marylhurst University. 

2010: Barks + Wolverton = Crumb

We created Barks + Wolverton = Crumb, timed to coincide with Portland Art Museum’s R. Crumb exhibit. Partner: Karl Lind Films.

2011: The Mel Blanc Project

We created the Mel Blanc Project. Partner: Oregon Jewish Museum Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission. Supported in part by grants from Miller Foundation and Kinsman Foundation, and an in kind donation from PSU School of Fine & Performing Arts. View the original site here.

2012: The Homer Davenport Project

We assisted in the Homer Davenport Project created by Gus Fredrickson of Silverton Historical Society. View the Davenport Project here.

2013: Harry Smith PDX

We created Harry Smith PDX. Partner: Northwest Animation Festival.