Fifth Annual Oregon

Film History Conference

May 3, 2019

In 2019, the annual conference (again by invitation only), took place on the campus of Lewis & Clark college. The main theme was the intersection of music and Oregon film history. A list of participants is available here (pdf), their bios are archived here (pdf). Based on the catering receipts, most of the participants stayed to network during the lunch hour (see the archived invoice here).

The recipient of the 2019 Elmar Buehler Award was Heather Petrocelli. A token of appreciation has always been a customized letterhead (pdf).

Anne Richardson blogged about the conference in detail (read more by clicking here).

Click here for the archived original document as pdf.

The speakers and their topics

  • Dennis Nyback/ Music on Film: On Lee Morse. Film archivist, curator, programmer, educator, and master projectionist Dennis Nyback is the co-founder of Oregon Cartoon Institute.

    • Click here to read the archived presentation as a pdf document.
  • Anne Richardson/ Music in Film: On Johnnie Ray. The director and co-founder of Oregon Cartoon Institute received her MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts, Film Division
  • Richard Gehr/ Music and Film: On Ken Kesey. Richard Gehr writes about music, culture and print cartooning.
  • Donald Newlands/ 3D Animated Portland. Newlands leads a team of 3D designers and cartographers at NC3D in Portland, Oregon.
  • Alexander Benjamin Craighead/ “Your Precious Old Dumb Stuffy Coliseum:” Memorialization, Urbanity, and Democracy in 1960s Portland. A historian of culture and place, Alexander Benjamin Craghead’s first book was Railway Palaces of Portland, Oregon: The Architectural Legacy of Henry Villard, published by The History Press (2016).
  • David Chelsea/ Brush Up on Bill Plympton, Part 1. Commercial artist and illustrator David Chelsea is an Eisner Award nominated graphic novelist. He also writes “how to” manuals on perspective for cartoonists.
  • Paul Harrod/ Brush Up on Bill Plympton, Part 2. Paul Harrod was awarded “Best Production Design” by the Art Directors Guild for his work on ISLE OF DOGS.
  • Marne Lucas/ Brush Up on Bill Plympton, Part 3. Marne Lucas is an infrared video pioneer and visual artist workingat the intersection of feminism, art, technology and health. Her most recent film, HAUTE FLASH, screened in London, Barcelona, and Bologna as part of the TRANSITIONAL STATES series.
  • Jim Blashfield interviews Bill Plympton. Jim Blashfield creates installations which incorporate the moving image. His MTV music videos were seen the world over, and won him a Gold Lion from Cannes. Bill Plympton is a two time Oscar nominee, beloved by audiences around the world. Plympton began as an illustrator and political cartoonist. His TRUMP BITES won a 2019 Webby Award for Best Animated Series. In 1995, he became the first person in the history of the planet to draw every frame of a feature length film by hand. THE TUNE was a musical. By the time he made IDIOTS AND ANGELS (2008) and CHEATIN’ (2013), his fifth and sixth entirely hand drawn features, his soundtracks featured no dialogue at all, only music. Like his fellow writer-director-producers from Portland, Will Vinton and Gus Van Sant, Bill Plympton is a musician himself.

“Essential wisdom accumulates in the community just as fertility builds in the soil.”


Wendell Berry